General terms and conditions

Terms for buying online tickets or vouchers as well as shop items

The contract is concluded with the Grossglockner High Alpine Road AG, (FN 57029t, Salzburg Regional Court) and with payment for the online tickets, the voucher or for an order of other store items.

1. Ordering online

To keep ordering costs as low as possible, vouchers/tickets/store items must be paid directly by credit card or online bank transfer. The customer prints out the tickets or vouchers himself.

The vouchers/tickets are provided with unique barcodes, which are required to redeem the voucher/ticket. The customer is responsible for the secrecy of the voucher template itself and must be careful not to damage the barcode. GROHAG not liable for the misuse of the voucher template.

2. Vouchers

Prices quoted exclude any statutory VAT.

3. Liability

No liability is assumed for the late delivery of shop items that are sent by post.

4. Each coupon can be redeemed only once!

Since the customer can print the voucher himself, several prints are possible, but only one print is valid and redeemable. The first ticket and its barcode redeemed by the INCERT voucher management system is considered the original. If an additional copy shows up with the same code, it will be considered misuse, which has criminal consequences. Since a voucher can be transferred or given as a present, there is no obligation or ability on the part of GROHAG to verify the ownership of the voucher. When the voucher is redeemed it is only checked whether the respective barcode was actually released by the system and whether the corresponding voucher was actually paid for. Lost vouchers will not be replaced.

5. Minimum

Only people 18 years old or older are eligible to purchase items from our internet shop.

6. Prices and Products

6.1 The purchased or ordered vouchers/tickets cannot be redeemed in cash.

6.2 Any bonus promotions cannot be combined with the ticket or coupon and are not eligible for a refund.

6.3 Excluded from item 6.2 is the discount evening drive, for which the difference will be refunded.

6.4 The voucher or ticket is only valid if the amount due has been paid in full.

6.5 The period of validity is printed on the voucher/ticket. The voucher/ticket must be redeemed within this period.

6.6 There may be discrepancies between the pictures of the items and the actual items for sale. Items are subject to errors and changes without notice.


1. Return, right of withdrawal

Please return vouchers that do not meet your expectations within 14 days of the issue date via email (or alternatively by post) to us ( A written withdrawal (cancellation) declaration is required to be sent to GROHAG within 14 days. However, the right of withdrawal is not possible if the use of the service has already been started within the withdrawal period. This right applies only to customers who qualify as consumers. In case of loss, theft or cancellation of vouchers, a replacement will not be provided by GROHAG.

2. Security & privacy guarantee

Your security is a top priority! Therefore data, such as credit card numbers, bank codes, account numbers, your name and address when paying by credit card are transmitted via a secure SSL line, so that no unauthorized person is able to read the entered data during its transmission over the internet. To provide further security in the online shop, we have adopted a number of additional security measures. Your data will be automatically processed. The customer agrees to receive promotional material from the website operators. No data will be transferred to third parties. 

3. Loss, theft, damage

In case of loss, theft or cancellation of vouchers/tickets, no replacement will be provided by GROHAG.

4. Differing terms

Differing terms are only valid if they were mutually and expressly agreed upon in writing.

5. Jurisdiction

For any dispute arising out of an online business, the court with jurisdiction over the subject matter in 5020 Salzburg is considered agreed upon. Austrian law applies exclusively.